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Welcome to the brand new RDP, Relationship Development Program blog!

I am Dr. Sean Robertson.  I have a doctoral degree in behavioral psychology and have successfully worked with couples for over 12 years. My methods are based on both behavioral psychology and neuropsychology. I have distilled how I work with couples into clear, concise steps that build on each other and create new patterns of relating when practiced consistently.

We are all wired for connection but communication and relating are skills that are learned. Ideally, we had some healthy role modeling from our parents on how to recognize our needs, listen to others, and productively express our thoughts and emotions. Many of us, though, developed some patterns and internalized belief structures that were not very helpful.  As adults, these patterns and belief structures can underlie many of the upsets that occur.

Even those who did grow up in relatively healthy environments picked up a few unhealthy coping strategies along the way and can benefit by using tools to improve authentic positive communication.  This type of communication brings in more safety, play, and increased confidence in relationships.  Conflict or upset is inevitable in all partnerships, and is usually challenging for anyone.  Therefore most people need to have tools and skillful ways of navigating rupture and repair.  These conflicts are not always easy to resolve and can spawn a search to delve deeper into what is going on. Although it may feel uncomfortable, the breakdown often signifies areas of potential growth.  The result can be breakthroughs in a relationship, greater understanding of each partner involved, and renewing intimacy and vitality.

Neuroscience has been showing that we can reshape subconscious automated brain patterns which appear as triggers, behaviors, and old beliefs by implementing new tools incrementally and consistently. This is great news for our romantic relationship and our relationship with ourselves.  Additionally, other areas of life benefit from clear empathetic communication including in the workplace or with family. As we change and grow within ourselves, our perception of the world evolves, which can allow for more overall fulfillment.

In the RDP Couples Communication Course, you will learn how to deeply listen to your partner, express your thoughts and emotions in a helpful way, recognize and understand your patterns, and discover your needs and get them met. I am so excited to bring these well tested tools to a wider group of people. Helping couples has been a great joy and commitment in my life. I am looking forward to hearing about your experience and progress.


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